Katalin Verebics finished her studies at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest.

She graduated as a painter and graphic artist.

The story of how she became an artist began in her childhood. Her mother was a drawing teacher in an elementary school, her father was a major who organized a lot of exhibitions in a little, surrealistic village in the Hungarian countryside. He invited many very talented and famous artists to exhibit on the magical little island on which stands a Dutch style house surrounded by a pond. Artists always liked to exhibit there. So finally she had to become an artist as the magic entered her!

Why was it important to speak about this? Because some of her works was inspired by this unique, magic and surrealistic place where she grew up.

5 years ago she married in Dubai to her Egyptian husband who is also an artist. They lived and worked in Budapest and Kairo. Her works turned to archeological elements to build in her work with mixed media. She uses classical technics with transfer nowadays and often is choosing the collage of freedom…

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